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Kerala Health Minister and Arnab Goswami Lock Horns in a Debate. Watch What Happens

Arnab Goswami is known for his aggressive approach to news debates and people often complain about him for talking too much and not allowing the other party to answer. Arnab tried something similar today as he was on a chat with Kerala Health Minister K K Shailaja.

Arnab, already furious at the fact that his reporter was attacked at Nilakkal near Sabarimala, was persisting with Shailaja to give an answer regarding why she was attacked and why there was no protection offered to her. Shailaja begins to answer but doesn’t like the fact that Arnab is shouting all the time, demanding an answer.

“What was your government doing when my reporter was attacked? Why was she attacked in the presence of Police” Arnab asks repeatedly? Shailaja asks Arnab to calm and he replies “i can’t be calm when my reporter is attacked. ” Watch the video here:

“He is not allowing me to speak, I don’t want to speak to him,” says the minister and finally Shailaja asks the reporter to leave.


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