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Case Taken Against Dr N Gopalakrishnan For Passing Derogatory Comments Against P.K Sreemathy

Dr N Gopalakrishnan, who is a popular figure among right-wing outfits may have to face the heat of the law. Gopalakrishnan had allegedly made some derogatory remarks against Dr P K Sreemathy after she made a speech at Pathanamthitta explaining what exactly is the relevance of the Sabarimala verdict. Along with Gopalakrishnan, a case has been taken against another 32 persons for spreading his speech in a way that spreads communal disharmony.

It was through a YouTube channel called Udayabharatham that Gopalakrishnan made his remarks.

Dr N Gopalakrishnan, who is the director of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage has written 110 books in Hindu dharma, Vedas, achaaras, spirituality, dharma saastra, yoga, Geetha and so on in Malayalam and English. He has delivered thousands of lectures in academic and spiritual institutions world over including 40 foreign countries.


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