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Hidden Sex Secrets Every Woman Must Know

The myth usually about men is that they are pretty confident about sex and there is nothing that they absolutely fear. Women probably need to know a lot more about men when it comes to sex. This will help you understand men better and will also help you get closer to them.

  • Men always have the fear of not performing well in bed

Even though men come across as quite confident, they are under pressure to perform the best in bed. Women are never really tensed about sex performance. Men want to please you and do their best to make sure you get every pleasure. Even though women hardly care about all this, it is difficult for them. If he ever brings this up, just support him and make him feel relaxed.

  • Men want to know every time they make a good move

Since men think a lot about sexual performance, it is important that you appreciate your man every time he makes a good move. If you are enjoying the act, make sure that you are vocal. Little moans and groans during the act will also help.

  • Men hate to wait for sex

This is one rule that most women must follow about sex. Some women love to follow the rule of dating and wait too long to have sex. While you are doing this, probably you don’t know that your man hates it. You might eventually turn him off. So if you are comfortable with the man, then do not hold on to sex for the sake of rules. Just tell him that he is sexually desirable and that will make him feel more confident.

  • It is not just you; even men get conscious about their bodies

Men also are conscious about their bodies. If you want your man to make you feel comfortable in bed, you also need to return the favour. They ponder a lot about their body image, hair and other features. The key to making him confident is by complimenting him a lot. Tell him what you like the most about this body.

  • Men are able to forgive bedroom cheating

If you have cheated on your man by sleeping with somebody else, chances are he will forgive you. However, if women are caught in this situation, they will end the relationship. Now the secret here is not to cheat, but to be loyal and commit to your man in all possible ways. They love loyalty just that they want it differently. Show commitment and he will give his best in bed.


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