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Cinematographer Chota kisses actress Kajal Aggarwal at Kavacham teaser launch : Watch Video

Senior cinematographer Chota K Naidu stooped to ugly level by kissing Kajal Aggarwal publicly on stage, without her permission.

At the event of Kavacham trailer launch, when Kajal mentioned his name, Chota K Naidu swiftly walked to her, hugged and kissed her on cheek. This sudden act of him shocked everyone on stage including Kajal.

Looks like he smelled a controversy ahead, Chota pushed the whole scene on Thaman, saying that the latter asked if we can kiss Kajal and he had to show it. This explanation of Chota looks even cheaper and gross, stressing that his ‘kissing’ was not a spontaneous act out of admiration, but an intentional one. On top of that, attributing a cheap act done by him to Thaman is totally disagreeable.

Though Kajal did not make a scene out of it saying Chota is like family to her, but his ‘kissing’ triggered a turmoil on social media. Fans of Kajal and haters of Chota’s act are fuming at him and let us see if the senior technician apologizes to Kajal on a public platform or simply waits for people to forget the incident.



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