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Now You Can Buy this Bottle of fresh Air and It Only Costs this much!

You might be used to buying bottled drinking water but it could soon come to a situation where you will have to buy packaged fresh air. But If you don’t know it, this product is already available in your market! It is no joke as many companies like Auzair, Vitality Air and Indian brand Pure Himalayan Air have actually come up with bottled fresh air. Himalaya seems one of the more profitable options as the brand is selling 10 litres of air for just Rs 550!

If you do the math, you will realise how expensive this as on an average we breathe 8-10 litres of air per minute. But yes, on places like New Delhi, people might give anything to give a shot of fresh air and this might be a useful product for them. Brands like Himalaya claim that after breathing their air, they will feel rejuvenated.


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