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Effective Natural Methods For Diabetes

  • Turmeric

A natural anti-diabetic, anti-cancer anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic, haldi or turmeric helps with insulin resistance, allowing glucose to enter the cells effectively. Diabetics should drink a cup of turmeric tea i.e. add a pinch of pure turmeric in a glass of water allow it to boil and drink. This also works very well for any inflammation in the body, which is common with diabetics.

  • Coconut

Coconut oil is an effective and natural way to cure diabetes. Coconut oil contains lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids that are lighter than glucose, so it easily gets into the cells providing super fuel to the cells without any need for insulin. Coconut fat does not get stored in the human body and is utilized as energy

  • Cinnamon

The antidiabetic compounds in cinnamon reduce the rate at which glucose enters our body. It improvises glucose uptake by the cells and helps with blood sugar spikes. Regular dosage reduces fasting blood sugar as well as elevated levels of cholesterol in the body. The dosage recommended for diabetics is between 3-6 grams a day of the cinnamon powder.


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