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Politicizing Surgical Strike will do harm, warns former army officer

surgical strike

A retired top military officer has come forward to disapprove of the mass promotion that has given to ‘surgical strike’. Retired Lieutenant General D.S.Hooda made it clear that the publicity given to 2016 surgical strike was incorrect. The subject was overhyped. This will not do well for the army, he said. He was talking at the Military literature festival in Chandigarh. At the time of the surgical strike, he was the chief of Northern Command.

The surgical strike was indispensable and was the call of the time. But it was overexposed and popularized. It was given much publicity. And now it has been politicized also. The political parties and politicians should say about it. Whether it will do good or bad that they had to explain.

People will be excited at victory. But over popularizing and publicizing the victory will do damage and not good. The surgical strikes must be done carefully and most clandestinely, he said.


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