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High Court orders to remove all the restrictions in Sabarimala

The Kerala High Court orders to remove all the restrictions and barricades imposed in Sabarimala for pilgrims. The order was given by the court after perusing the report submitted by Sabarimala Monitoring Committee.

The Court directed that the Entry of pilgrims to Sabarimala after 11.00 pm should not be interrupted, KSRTC should not compel the pilgrims to take ‘to and fro tickets’ altogether, and tickets to be distributed as they demand.
Court also observed that the police could implement regulations for managing crowd but protest could never be allowed at Sannidanam. Besides KSRTC should drop the pilgrims at the town; the court said. Copy of the report would be given to the state government.

Committee also recommended that more facilities must be arranged for the police and a cardiologist must be appointed at the hospital here. Along with this, the committee suggested having more toilet facilities at Pamba too.


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