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Father hides in box to surprise daughter for Christmas : Watch Video

In a video showing father giving an emotional surprise to his daughter goes viral on social medias .A 9-year-old girl was moved to tears when she received an unusual ‘balikbayan box’ parcel from her father who works in the UAE. It wasn’t chocolates or toys as expected but rather her father.

The ‘Balikbayan box’ is a hallmark of Filipino expat life. These boxes usually hold presents (toys, clothes, chocolates, gadget, etc) that many Filipino expats send to their kin staying in Philippines from across the globe, including the UAE.

The touching reunion – which came just in time for Christmas, was reported by GMA News. In the video the 9-year-old Saliah can be seen opening the parcel and being surprised by her father – Martin Flores Navarro, coming out of the box to hug her. The two then share a heart-warming embrace as Saliah cries on her father’s shoulders.

Navarro – who works as a veterinary nurse in the UAE, initially planned to fly to the Philippines on December 2019. He chose to be with his daughter because Navarro and his wife are both overseas. Navarro added that he didn’t want to be away from his daughter for two years, so the UAE-based expat decided to file a 45-day leave to surprise the young Saliah.


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