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High Court Verdict on M Panel Conductors: Dismissals begin in KSRTC

3861 temporary M-panel employees of the KSRTC will step down on Monday. The order for their removal was prepared. The list of employees to be terminated will be handed over to each unit chief. Special order will be issued to the employees. Advice letter will be sent to 4051 new employees. The arrangements have been made for this. Though the High Court has ordered for dismissal, the depots were instructed to remove them from service temporarily. KSRTC MD Tomin Thachankary said that the action is temporary and they will be appointed if the verdict on the petition is positive.

High Court has issued a final warning to KSRTC to terminate all its M-panel employees before Monday evening. The court raised harsh criticism against KSRTC and warned that the court has the power to change the authority. The court observed that keeping M-Panel employees pose a challenge for those who have passed the written test. The court said that the temporary employees should be terminated before Monday evening. This should be confirmed by the corporation MD. The court has also directed to submit an affidavit indicating about the termination of employees.

The government is not interested in the removal of temporary employees. They have decided to file an appeal when the Supreme Court opens on January 2nd.


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