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People have realized who is the ‘B Team’ of BJP, says Rehna Fathima

As a woman, I talk about the ‘Politics of Body’. Every person has their way to react to the injustice in the society. Some use their art forms, novels, stories, painting likewise I use my body, Rehanah Fatima, who tried to climb Sabarimala says about her protests. In an interview given to media, she said that the people have now realized that who is the ‘B Team of BJP’ in Sabarimala.

People often do not comprehend how I interact with society using the body tool. I often fail to make them understand people about my protest and politics. Even the so-called left liberal progressive intellectuals and activists fail to understand my body politics. But for those who interact with me can easily understand this. The inmates in the Kottarakkara sub-jail has many misunderstandings about me. But when I got released from the jail the inmates said to me that if you want to wear bikini wear it, who cares about that, she said. She also clarified that she does not use sanitary pads and uses menstrual cups. So the rumour about sanitary pad in her ‘Irumudikettu’ that she carried to Sabarimala was a planned one.

Rehna accused that the case against her and the way police treated to that shows the conspiracy behind that. The Police even refused to give the copy of the FIR to her. It is instructed by the Supreme Court that the accused must be given a copy of FIR. Only because of that the bail application was rejected by the court. The police have mistreated when she was in her custody, she accused.




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