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Government School Makes Student Sit According to their Caste

India needs to avoid the discrimination based on caste and religion and it needs to erase such feelings of separation from the roots itself. Children at school level need to be taught to not look at the fellow students as ‘other’, but then it doesn’t help if the school itself is promoting such negative feelings. It is reported that a government-run higher secondary school in Bihar make students sit in separate classrooms based on their caste.

Authorities of Bihar’s education department were unaware of the regressive practice being followed at the GA Higher Secondary (Plus 2) School at Lalganj in Vaishali district so far. After the matter came to light following a recent inquiry by officials, a shocked state government ordered an inquiry on Tuesday.

Students come and leave school together, but they are made to sit in different classrooms as per their caste. Students from Dalit and Muslim communities are reportedly never allowed to visit other classrooms.separate classrooms have also been allotted for students of each class belonging to the upper castes, OBCs and Dalits.

School headmistress Meena Kumar defended the segregation.

“This system is in place in order to facilitate a smooth educational process and also to ensure that the execution of government schemes becomes easier. There is no discrimination on the basis of caste or religion.

“There have been no negative effects of this system at the school so far. Besides, there has never been a complaint against this system, which is running smoothly,” argued the headmistress.


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