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P.M Modi has an Interesting Suggestion For People who Take this Flight. Don’t Miss It

Statue of Unity, India’s pride and world’s largest statue is so tall that you might be able to spot that from a flight. Built at a price of Rs 3000 crores and standing at a height of 182 metres, the statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel does have a fair chance than any other monument to be spotted from the air. Now P.M Modi has suggested exactly the same for people who take the Delhi-Mumbai flight. Taking to Twitter, he said:

I would specially urge you all to visit Kevadia and see the ‘Statue of Unity.’

Some friends told me that the Statue can also be seen during Delhi-Mumbai flights. So, next time you are flying that route do try to spot the Statue”.

So next time you are in a Delhi-Mumbai flight, check this out.


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