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Ghost Appears in Christmas Tree and it’s Really Scary

Building Christmas trees are an indispensable custom of Christmas but then all that interest in building the tree might just vanish if something like this happens.

Melanie Scholes, 31, built a beautiful tree but is now starting to scare her. had been sitting and chatting with a colleague and a client about deceased loved ones when a glass bauble fell from the Christmas tree and got broken. The tree was not touched for almost 15 minutes and the falling of bauble scared her a bit.

But it was not until later that afternoon when Melanie took a picture of the tree to send to her mum that she realised there was a face gazing right at her from among the branches. Melanie believes it could be her colleague’s deceased brother ‘letting her now he was still around’.

“I see a ghost in the bauble. There’s a face in the bauble and it’s looking right at me. I think it stands out quite a lot but we didn’t see it at the time. We had a conversation in the morning because we were talking about my colleague’s brother who sadly passed away a couple of years ago.

He’d sadly passed away of cancer and we were having this chat through about it and it was in that moment that the bauble just fell off. My colleague has seen the photo and she said it’s her brother. I think it might have been his way to let her know he was still around” she said.

So what do you think about that spooky story?


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