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Balakrishna Pillai Supports Women Wall, but not Young Women Entry into Sabarimala

Thiruvananthapuram: Although Balakrishna Pillai has taken a positive stand towards women wall, his opinion regarding the Sabarimala young women entry is not what you expect. The wall is being raised on January 1 to protect the renaissance values in Kerala, and the wall is seen as a major tool in showing that the Government still has the faith of the women in Kerala, most of whom’s sentiments were hurt in the Sabarimala issue. But Balakrishna Pillai supports women wall and objects young women entry into the hill temple.

“No woman born in a good family would go Sabarimala. The people who have been there so far are activists and kiss of love protestors”he said.

He also had some words of criticism for NSS Secretary Sukumaran Nair. Pillai said if Sukumaran Nair wanted to support someone, he could have done it by himself.

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