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New year gift to best friends;shares Dh15 million UAE lottery

Best friends and colleagues shared Dh15 million UAE lottery as a new year gift. Sarath Purushothaman, 34, and Prasanth Surendran, 36, both from Kerala, India, will get Dh7.5 million each after winning the biggest-ever Big Ticket raffle prize.

Sarath’s ticket no 083733 won the prize which was picked in the raffle draw held on Thursday morning at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. They are working together for 10 years. They share the same room in Dubai and best friends for the last 10 years.

“We have always borrowed money from each other when we were in financial difficulties. I can also count on him and the same for him as well in all the ups and downs in life. So, this win is very, very special,” said Sarath, who works as a technician in Naffco in Dubai. Both of them are flying together to Kerala to visit the families and to celebrate joy.

While Prasanth is married to Arathy and they have two children, Suryakiran and sreenidhi. Karthika is Sarath’s wife and the couple have a daughter, Athira. These friends buy a ticket for many years and hope for something good. “This is the third month we are sharing the ticket. We never expected the New Year will begin so differently for us,” said Sarath.

In response to the question what they would like to do with the prize, they said that they want to visit their families. Prasanth wants to own a farm house in Kerala and they would like to do something in agriculture together.


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