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Sabarimala: Scientific institute of Tantric heritage is going to perform a ‘yaga’ to block women

Although many political parties and groups are agitating against the woman entry in Sabarimala temple. The protests have already become violent and have affected the peaceful atmosphere of the state. But now a group is planning to handle the issue a little bit differently – ‘by performing a yaga’-. Scientific Institute of Tantric heritage (SITH) a group in the social media platform Facebook has come forward with a different kind of strategy to block the women entry in Sabarimala.[0]=68.ARDhQ6dicyq2MDbmu1wH7ngzsMIz_QICBIzC7YWCcHnroN4uqOGfzRKu3q1TsfcWEAlD0iERtknUR1sDSRVXsiuoBXCd0elClewIlv38hQDdg7xouj8LFuIxp9_qvWFQJ-8V2YFKjJV8gUkUWsIDGT6OtR5lKPla-kK4EbJACHBRmHuOVpyAAazHPjW_GNSZ-HknciEmgBjpiSFpqScehJWxrnoUTzFjzfbUWJBlKCt0Wb8FwY69vHMHB7vemqRKKeKr57UtVysW0loUOLaUAoc3O4AiFxO2yHN9rJf5PFM4NC-5CPzpE9ZwHOJKEAjgVQK-K3b7F7wurD0LgQ4BdOPr&__tn__=-R

They are planning to perform a yaga or sacrifice to block the woman entry in Sabarimala and also to purify the shrine and even also to end the left rule in the state. The group’s FB page has been viral in the social media.

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Posted by Scientific institute of Tantric heritage SITH on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

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