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CPI(M) Makes an Embarrassing Mistake by Posting the Wrong Picture on its Official Page

CPI(M) has made a fool out of itself by posting a wrong picture on its official Facebook page. The post was against all the protest that took place in the name of Sabarimala following the Supreme Court verdict, but the picture they used happened to be the wrong one!

The Picture titled “Riots cannot happen here”- a warning from Chief Minister along with a picture of a few people throwing stones, also had the picture of C.M Pinarayi Vijayan in it. But the folly that happened was that the picture they used was indeed the picture of CPI(M) workers throwing stones!

This image was published in an English newspaper with the caption ‘CPI(M) workers are throwing stones at BJP members, hiding behind Police Officers’. But the person who made the post simply did not pay enough attention that he took the wrong picture for the post.


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