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Autorickshaw driver beaten to death by his co-worker for charging ‘correct fare’

Autorickshaw driver in Bengaluru was beaten to death by another auto driver for charging the correct fair. The victim is Narayana Y M, 67 years old who is a former driver of the Tax Department. After retirement, he joined as an autorickshaw driver.

Police said that another auto driver at the stand, Babu, got into an argument with Narayana over charging the correct fare. Narayana always charged reasonable fare from the passengers. When the argument became worse, Babu began to beat Narayana and attacked him rudely. Narayana fell down and became unconscious.

Other drivers intervened and then took Narayana to a nearby hospital. He was referred to another hospital but after reaching there the doctors declared he was brought dead. Babu was arrested and taken into custody by the police as per the complaint given by Narayan’s daughter.


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