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BJP Leader K Surendran is Upset With this Police Order, Here is Why

Kozhikode: Kerala police has taken a stand that they are ready to offer protection to the ‘Thiruvabharana’ Procession and BJP leader K Surendran finds it contempt-worthy. In his Facebook post, he sarcastically noted that “CITU headload workers would assist the procession with the Thiruvabharanam(ornaments of God)”. Here is a translation of his Facebook post:

“Police says the procession with the holy ornaments of God will be done by CITU workers. No Panthalam palace representatives or Guruswamy should be there. Devotees must not assist. There is also a ban on ‘Saranam Vili'(Chanting of Sarana Mantras). Only those people with the ID card given by Police can go along with the procession. The order is from Pathanamthitta SP P Narayanan. It is according to the instruction from the D.G.P. Police assistance for Rehana Fathima and Mary Sweety to malign Sabarimala. No Ayyappa devotee would accept this”

Surendran ends the post by asking is this too mentioned in the Supreme Court verdict. Here is the actual post.


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