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Rahul Gandhi says “culprits of 1984 anti-Sikh riot must be punished irrespective of identity

Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that all culprits of 1984 anti-Sikh riot should be punished irrespective of their identity. ” I am very clear on 1984 that anybody, regardless of where he comes from, if he has harmed members of the minority community, he should be punished’, said Rahul.
Rahul Gandhi told that we have a good legal system to deal with the problems and we will allow the justice system to work. With regard to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, he said that Congress will surprise the people. He added that the aim is to defeat Narendra Modi. He also said that his party has strong support in many states. ” The Congress idea is very powerful in Uttar Pradesh and we are very confident of the ability in Uttar Pradesh”, said Rahul.

” I have heard some statements in the media but we are going to work together and make sure that we defeat Prime Minister Modi. But I just want to say again- to underestimate Congress in UP is a mistake”, Rahul added. The Congress President said that the party’s model for 2019 is to bring people into the conversation and listen to what they are saying.

Rahul blamed the government and its rule. Talking about his personal life, Rahul said that he is not going to get married in the near future and life is now entirely focused on political life. He also talked about the lack of direct communication between him and the Prime Minister.
He made his speech in an interview exclusively for Gulf News. Rahul arrived in Dubai on Friday for his two-day maiden visit to the United Arab Emirates.


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