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Kerala C.M Pinarayi Vijayan’s Vague and Controversial Statement: Was he Hinting at Devaswom Board President?

Kerala Government was heavily criticised for the way it handled the Sabarimala issue and on many occasions, the Chief minister’s difference in opinion with the Devaswom Board President had come to the fore.

It is understood that Devaswom Board presdent had a pro-devotee stand on the issue but was forced to keep quiet in front of an over-powering chief minister. Padmakumar, on many occasions, chose to not respond or present vague responses to important questions on Sabarimala. Now Pinarayi Vijayan’s statement ina function held at AKG centre has turned quite a few heads and political analysts are of the opinion that it was indirectly aimed at Padmakumar.

“It has become a liability for party keeping some people in certain positions. It seems like such liabilities have to be removed,” the minister had said.

Following his statement, fake news of Padmakumar’s resignation too had spread, later he himself had dismissed such news as false.


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