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School bus driver arrested for molesting 8-year-old girl

A school bus driver stood trial at a Dubai court on the charge of molesting an 8-year-old girl in the vehicle he was driving.The Court of First Instance heard how the 33-year-old Pakistani driver hugged and kissed the little girl on the cheek and head. He is also accused of grabbing the victim by the cheek.He denied a molestation charge in court.

Prosecutors referred him to trial with a recommendation that he receives the strictest penalty possible under the law.The girl’s father, an Arab, said he heard from his wife on November 14, 2018, that their daughter was sexually harassed by the school bus driver and how his behaviour bothered her.

“We checked the CCTV camera installed inside the bus and it did capture the driver hugging and kissing our daughter,” the father told the prosecutor.

The father then lodged a complaint at Al Rashidiya police station. He described his girl as being afraid, quiet, and not willing to go to school after the incident. He added that his daughter told him about the driver who would bother her, sit next to her and talk to her when the bus door used to get closed and she was left alone with him.

The relevant footage, which matched the girl’s account of the incident, and in which the defendant is seen asking her to sit in the front, has been enclosed to the case file as evidence by the investigators. In the footage and at one point, a man is seen standing up from his seat and covering the camera for few minutes before other pupils enter the bus.

During the public prosecution investigation and police interrogation, the accused admitted to the charge.A ruling will be pronounced on January 27.


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