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Advocate Jayasankar Takes a Sarcastic Dig at ‘Aarppo Aarthavam”

Kottayam: Aarppo Aarthavam- a programme to celebrate menstruation had stirred a row in public and Advocate Jayasankar has now taken a sarcastic dig at the event.

The Aarppo Aarthavam combine’s programmes in the city on Sunday was marked by the visit of Bindu Ammini and Kanaka Durga, who made history by entering the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple. Jayasankar said that Kanakadurga and Bindhu must be given Parama Veera Chakra and S.P Harisankar should be given a medal for special service. Here is a translation of the summary of his post:

“After the historic success of Women Wall and Sabarimala young women entry, the second edition of Aarppo Aarthavam is going to take place in Ernakulam. It was organised by the same set of people who organised the first edition of the event. The stage has been shifted to a more convenient Marine Drive.

Not just cultural workers and kiss-experts, creators of new Kerala and renaissance leaders will take part in the Aarppo Aarthavam.

The speech will be delivered by KPMS General Secretary Punnala Sreekumar. Kanakadurga and Bindu who went to Sabarimala must be given Parama Veera Chakra and Kottayam S.P Harisankar should be given a medal for special service. Priyanandan who wrote an Ayyapa hymn will get Ezhuthachan award.

He ends the post by saying that the cases against Rehana Fathima should be withdrawn.

As one can see, throughout the post-Jayasankar has used a sarcastic tone.


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