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Subscribers should create basic pack before Jan 31 : TRAI

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) which regulates channel pricing of all DTH and Cable broadcasters via a pay-per-channel basis has introduced a new tariff that states customers to only pay for channels they would want to view with channel base pack subscriptions set at a minimum of Rs 130 without including GST costs.

Under the new rules one HD channel is equivalent to two Standard Definition (SD) channels. Hence under the base pack the customer will be able to subscribe to a maximum of 100 SD channels or 50 HD channels or any corresponding combination.

In case subscribers do not choose top-up channels on an a-la-carte basis, then the free channels would go live post the February 1 deadline set by TRAI meaning there would only be these channels which would be live; deactivating the others till “pay for those channels which you watch” subscriptions are activated (by the subscribers).

The new regulations applies from February 1 and mandates cable TV operators and DTH service providers to publish the tariffs for each channel called ala-carte as well as a combination of channels for a fixed price called bouquets. The subscribers are free to choose from bouquets and ala-carte channel options.


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