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No change in the Devaswom board’s stand over Sabarimala issue,says Devaswom Board Commissioner

Devaswom Board Commissioner N Vasu has said that there is no change in the board’s stand over Sabarimala issue. “Our stand is in accordance with the Supreme court order. The other day only review petitions were considered and it had nothing to do with the petition seeking time; also, no argument took place in the court yesterday for the latter,” he said.

Vasu said yesterday that the board took the same stand it had taken in November. “I don’t know whether Devaswom Board president A Padmakumar had some confusion in this matter. He has not asked my explanation, there is no circumstances for that but I shall meet him to explain what happened in the court yesterday.”

Earlier, A Padmakumar expressed his wonder and dissatisfaction over Devaswom Board counsel’s stand in the Supreme Court on Wednesday.


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