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Samastha slams Muslim League for allowing women to sing

Samastha Kerala Jam’iathul Ulama the apex body of Sunni Muslim clerics in Kerala has slammed Muslim League, the major political party representing the section for allowing women to sing on the stage. A Malayalam news channel has reported this.

During the Muslim League Malappuram district conference, a cultural programme was organized. And some women had also participated in the programme by singing songs on public stage. This has ignited the fury of the clerics. Samastha has officially warned League. And the Samastha has officially informed their opinion to the League leadership. Samastha has warned League that women singing and performing on stages are against Islamic practices and customs.

Abdul Samad Pukkottur, the state general secretary of SYS, the youth wing of Samastha has said that the Samastha has complained this to the leadership of the league. Though singing of Islamic songs are not a sin, but dancing and performing publically are against Islamic practices and religious leaders are responsible for prohibiting all these. But Muslim League leadership has not responded to the news.


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