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Chemabn Vinod and Ranveer shares award for best actor; ‘Ee maa yau’ gets 3 awards

‘Ee maa yau’, the Malayalam film directed by Lijo Jose Pallishery has received both critical and viewer applause. The film has received many recognitions including state film award. The film has awarded in the last Indian International Film Festival, Goa. The film has been selected for many international film festivals.

Now the film has rreceived3 awards in Tanzanian International Film Festival. The film got awards for best script, best actor and best direction in the world cinema category.

Chemban Vinod Jose shared the best film award with Ranveer Singh. Ranveer Singh got the award for his acting in Hindi film Padmavat.  Chemban has received best actor award in the Indian International Film Festival, Goa. P.F.Mathews, the scriptwriter of the film and Lijo Jose Pallishery the director of the film shared the award with an Iranian film.


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