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Patient free of HIV after stem-cell therapy

A patient in the U.K. has become the second person in the world to become HIV free after a bone marrow transplant. HIV became undetectable in the “London patient” after a bone marrow transplant, even though he was not taking antiretroviral drugs to control his illness. Scientists are officially calling the condition long-term remission, but some experts are describing him as cured. Their results will be published in the journal Nature.

Researchers from the UCL, Imperial College London, Cambridge and Oxford Universities were all involved in the case. Researchers will continue to monitor the man’s condition, as it is still,too early to say that he has been cured of HIV.

Almost one million people die annually from HIV-related causes. Treatment for HIV involves medications that suppress the virus, known as antiretroviral therapy, which people with HIV need to take for their entire lives.


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