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Love Jihad:Right-wing extremists asks to boycott ‘surf excel’ and Hindustan Uni Lever

A group of ‘right-wing extremists ‘ asked to boycott ‘Surf Excel’ detergent powder and ‘the other products by ‘Hindustan Uni Lever’ croup. A group of people and groups have started a campaign in the social media demanding the boycott.


Surf Excel a popular detergent brand in India, has recently released an advertisement in which they portrayed communal harmony, which has ignited the wrath of these groups.

The ad featuring a group of children showed how a Hindu girl goes to extraordinary lengths to protect her Muslim friend from getting smeared with colours on his white kurta pyjama since he had to go for Friday prayers. The Hindu girl presents herself in front of a group of children, who are waiting with a bucket full of colours. She ensures that the kids finish off all the colour they have by throwing it on her so that they have nothing left to throw at the Muslim child when he walks out to go to the mosque. After she achieves this, she calls out to her Muslim friend, “bahar aa ja, sab khatam ho gaya (You can come out, their colours are over.)”

However, as she approaches the group of children who had just smeared her with colour, one child still finds some leftover colour. But as he reaches out to the colour to smear the Muslim boy, he is stopped by the same friends, who were just seen throwing colour at the Hindu girl. Meanwhile, as the Muslim boy walks up the stairs of the mosque, he tells his Hindu friend, “Namaz padh kar aata hoon (I will just be back after offering my prayers.)” The Hindu girl replies, “Be prepared for getting smeared with colour.”

The ad evoked widespread praises for its creativity and heartwarming message of communal harmony. However, some right-wing extremists, mostly supporters of the RSS and BJP, launched a hashtag, calling for the boycott of the popular detergent brand.


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