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Voter questions BJP workers over Thiruvananthapuram airport privatization issue

A video of a voter in the Thiruvananthapuram constituency questioning the BJP workers has gone viral in the social media.

The BJP workers ask to vote for BJP by raising the question that the state government has ill-treated the devotees in the Sabarimala issue. But the voter asks the BJP workers how and he asks the BJP workers that then why don’t you raise the issue of Thiruvananthapuram international airport’s privatization.

Because if the airport is privatized then an age-old custom practised in association with Padmanabha Swamy temple will not be done in future. The Arattu Procession passes through the airport. If the airport is privatized it will need the permission of the Adani group who take over the airport. The voter goes on asking questions and at last the BJP workers go without answering them.


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