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Caution! Do You Use a Phone Inside Toilet?

Phone addiction has become an integral part of our life chronicle. Unknowingly we might take out a smartphone with us where ever we go.  The gadget becomes our companion when we are having our food, while we read, play and yes even when we sleep too . These triats are common in smart phone addiction but if you are keeping your gadget while in toilets, you are in danger.

Toilets will be filled with numerous air borne micro oraganisms which are lethal to humans. When we take our phone with us there are chances that that we may spend more time than usual. These will surely led to bad unstable health conditon.

It would be herculean to hold your gadget throughout the entire time when you are in toilets. You will be forced to place it somewhere at some point. This will inturn make your phone dirty.

If we sit in toilets for a prolonged time, it will inturn result in Hemmorroids and inflamation of veins around the anus. Taking a phone with you while you poop will inturn act as a hidden catalyst for this.

It is better to leave the phone in your living room rather than keeping with you when you are off to the toilets.

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