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Do these six procedures to take care of your peas inside your body

We all have two peas inside our body and we call them kidneys. Below the ribs towards the mid-section of the torso they reside and perform major important vital functions. Kidneys are an integral part of our human excretion system as they purify the blood and force out impurities to urinary bladder for urination. They also maintain the level of sodium and potassium levels in the blood which in turn help in regulating blood pressure.

In this summer, it is essential to maintain the health of our kidneys for being in a well-conditioned state. Follow these six steps to maintain the good condition of your kidneys.

1. Exercise regularly Sweating out regularly one hour a day would be beneficial for the wellbeing of your kidneys. Sweating lowers risk of your kidneys in purification as impurities are expelled through the skin.

2. Control the level of sugar in your blood Doctors assert that those having diabetics have a higher risk of getting kidney failure. When body cells fail to absorb extra glucose in your blood, it will be transferred to kidneys and the risk for kidneys to absorb them increases. This would even risk your life.

3. Control your blood pressure Studies reveal that people having raised blood pressure shows a higher risk of kidney failure. Especially in this summer where blood pressure may get beyond 140/90 one must consume higher amount of water enriched foods and fruits.

4. Say no to obesity If you are overweight or obese, you have a greater chance of developing diabetes or high blood pressure, which are the leading causes of kidney-related diseases and kidney failure

5. Drink plenty of water Drink 8 glasses of water daily. Stay hydrated throughout your day. Keeping dehydrated will help your kidneys to function with no hurdles.

6. Quit smoking completely Smoking cigarettes will harm blood vessels in your body. This will cause vasodilation and will slow down the flow of blood to kidneys.


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