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Does protein powder intake cause serious kidney failure? The busted myth

All fitness incarnates who hit the gym on a daily basis might consume one scoop of protein powders at a particular time of their day chronicle. Is this safe actually? The answer is yes, if you are not overdoing it.

Consider a person who spends a considerable amount of energy through his daily routine. IF he/she has to gain pure muscle fibres without gaining much fat he/she must eat nutritious calorie incarnated foods to balance with the energy, he has spent. This balancing would not be possible through normal foods and here is where protein powders play the role of supplements.

Consuming ample amount of protein powder to be more precise, one scoop or 30grams would not bring any harm unless a sufficient amount of water is consumed along. If so, when does it play the villain?

The Calcium and magnesium compounds which are the major compositions in all the protein powders will cause the formation of pebble-like crystals in kidney resulting in permanent failure.

In conclusion, if you are serious about packing quality muscle fibers and be fit, consuming the right amount of protein powders would not be bringing any harm to your kidneys.

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