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6 Etiquettes to be followed by Royal Enfield Owners

Bullet owners were pride riders once. There were hardly one or two bullets in a specific area. Now, the situation has changed. Out of seven people you know, three of them might have a brand new Royal Enfield. The time has come that the number of bullets will outstrip the number crows around us.

Enfield owners are increasing day by day and many of them consider their ride as mere bikes. Actually, they are not. We must provide special care and maintain our Indian choppers (bullets) properly.

New owners might not be aware about the wear and tears a bullet might gonna have if not properly maintained. Follow these 6 rules of conduct for maintaining the health of your Indian chopper

1. Kick Start

When you start your vehicle first time in your day, you must relay on kickstarting. Wait 30s after you kick start your ride. This will help the battery retain its capacity.

2. Give Engine a break

If you are planning for a long ride, you must give 10 minutes rest interval after a one-hour ride. Giving proper rest will add on to proper oil filtering in the engine. Since the engine is air-cooled, taking regular rest intervals at a fixed time will cool the engine a little. This will increase the efficiency of the engine, eventually.

3. Follow the 50km/hr rule

Despite bullet engines having better cubic centimetre capacity (cc), they cannot handle high wheel rotations(rpm) because of its bulkiness. Keepin this, you must leave your aggressive throttling and opt for a smooth ride. Remember they are meant for smooth and peaceful cruising, not for layer sprint.

4. Beware of rust

Classic 350 owners must take care of this more than others. Since a majority of the bullet parts are made of iron incorporated alloys the risk for getting corroded increases. To avoid this you must wash your ride and clean it using a warm towel.

5. Do not turn the throttle while not moving

Since it is an air-cooled engine, turning unnecessary throttle will increase the chance of engine backfire. When the engine fires back, it will affect the performance over time.

6. Limit your modifications

You must note that fact that has been mentioned in the rider’s manual which says alterations will surely add to decline in warranty. Royal Enfield provides a warranty for 10,000 KMS or within one year. You can avoid these limitations if you are customising from authorised dealers.


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