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Adv Jayasankar Says Tom Vadakkan’s Entry into BJP Will be a BoxOffice Success

Congress leader Tom Vadakkan on Thursday joined Bharatiya Janata Party in presence of Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. Tom Vadakkan is considered to be a close aide of Sonia Gandhi who is the chairperson of Congress party and the move comes as a shock to Congress party. Advocate Jayasankar in his Facebook post on the subject said that the move will turn out to be a box-office hit. Here is a translation of the summary of his post:

“Tom Vadakkan says his shift into BJP is a protest against Congress’ stand on the issue of Pulwama. There are complaints that leader’s like Tom is being ignored after Rahul Gandhi had become the president. Vadakkan ji wanted to contest in the land of Vadakkumnathan. He was all set to contest in 2009 but C.N Balakrishnan strongly opposed the move. Since BJP has given Thrissur seat to BDJS, Tom can be tried at Chalakkudy constituency, he will surely be a boxoffice success”.

Here is Jayasankar’s actual post:


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