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Sabarimala women entry will not influence Lok Sabha election, says Dr.D.Babu Paul

Sabarimala women entry issue and controversy will not influence and affect the upcoming Lok Sabha election, says former Chief Secretary and writer Dr. D. Babu Paul. He said this in an election debate conducted by a news channel. The issue will only have an influence on BJP supporters. So BJP will not get more votes. By campaigning on Sabarimala issue BJP can cement their votes, apart from that there will be no other influence it will have in the election.

But he warned Congress that, if Congress make use of the Sabarimala issue in the election campaign then the party will have to face huge setbacks.

In Thiruvananthapuram constituency, Shashi Tharoor has won two times by gathering the votes of Nadar community and Muslim votes. They are least interested in the Sabarimala issue. And if Tharoor makes Sabarimala as a campaign tool then certainly he will face backlashes, said Babu Paul.


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