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Temperature in Kerala goes up: Over 70 cases of severe sunburn reported

The uncontrolled rise in temperature and heatwaves in Kerala have resulted in an increasing number of severe sunburn cases in Kerala. According to the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP), over 70 cases of sunburns and 1 case of sunstroke has been reported in the state since February.

Reports say that Pathanamthitta has been the worst affected district with around 23 cases being reported in Kerala so far and 17 cases of sunburn injuries have been reported from Palakkad.

Apart from Ernakulam, Kasaragod and Idukki, all other districts in the state have witnessed isolated incidents of sunburns. The Kozhikode had witnessed a heatwave greater than 38degree, 12 cases of sunburn have been reported since February from the same district.

According to Fahad Masook, hazard expert at Kerala State Disaster Management Authority, the sudden rise in temperature is also a result of increased humidity in the state.

When there is lesser humidity, the solar radiation hits the earth and is reflected back as infrared radiation. Humidity absorbs and retains this radiation which is why we experience increased discomfort. This phenomenon is called heat induction,” he says.


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