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Will LPG cylinders explode as temperature rise ? Muralee Thummarukudy explains

As the temperature is increasing dramatically in Kerala, there were many hoaxes like it may lead to the blasting of your LPG cylinder using at home. As the atmospheric temperature increase considerably, the pressure inside the LPG cylinders increases abruptly and this will lead to blasting similar to a bomb explosion. This was the caution message which was spreading across social media websites.

This is entirely a hoax message and social media users are tensed about keeping their cooking gas cylinders inside the shades.

Now Muralee Thummarukudy, the United Nation’s Disaster Relief division head has come up with a satisfying explanation for this hoax message.

Being a representative from Disaster management system Muralee asserts that there is nothing relevant in this hoax and the message is not true to any extent. He says that the gas cylinder is manufactured from a place which has the temperature less than 0 degree Celsius in such a way that they could come over the hottest temperatures ( above 40 degree Celsius).

When Kerala is taken into account where the temperature is below 37 degree Celsius nothing has to get worried about.


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