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These are the Incredible benefits of curry leaves

Curry leaves are natural flavoring agents with a number of important health benefits, which make your food both healthy and tasty along with giving it a pleasant aroma.

The health benefits of curry leaves include aiding in weight loss, treating diarrhea, morning sickness, and nausea, controlling diabetes, improving eyesight, and reducing stress among others. They contain various antioxidant properties and have the ability to control gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion, excessive acid secretion, peptic ulcers, dysentery, and an unhealthy cholesterol balance.

Curry Leaves Benefits

Most people think that curry leaves just add flavor to the food and throw the leaves away while eating their soup or curry. However, they are far more important than many people realize and offer a number of health benefits without any side effects.

Weight Loss

Curry leaves help with weight loss, thanks to the presence carbazole alkaloids in them, which prevents weight gain and also burns LDL cholesterol. You can add dried or fresh curry leaves to your food or you can directly munch on the dried curry leaves for reaching your weight loss goals.

Cure Diarrhea

Research shows that the carbazole alkaloids present in curry leaves have anti-diarrheal properties. Experiments on lab rats showed that carbazole extracts from curry leaves had significantly controlled castor oil-induced diarrhea. A bunch of curry leaves can be ground up and the paste can be eaten or the juice of the leaves can be consumed.

Treat Indigestion

Use of curry leaves is recommended as a cure for gastrointestinal issues in Ayurveda. [4] One important use is due to the fact that they are considered to possess mild laxative properties. You can make juice out of a bunch of curry leaves and add lime juice, and consume the mixture to cure indigestion. A paste made from the leaves can also be added to buttermilk and taken every morning on an empty stomach to serve the same function.

Prevent Nausea & Morning Sickness

Curry leaves help in preventing nausea, vomiting, and morning sickness. They also help provide relief from morning sickness and nausea to women in their first trimester of pregnancy.

Protect Against Pathogen Attack

Research on curry leaves has revealed that they are also effective in fighting bacterial and fungal infections due the presence of carbazole alkaloids in them. This compound is known to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti cancer properties. The leaf extracts from the plant have been comparable to popular mainstream antibiotic drugs.


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