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Senior Students Murder 12-Year-Old  School Authorities Bury the Body in School Campus Secretly

In a shocking news from Dehradun, authorities in a school in Dehradun, in a bid to hush up the murder of a 12-year-old boarding school student Vasu Yadav, after he was beaten to death by seniors with cricket bats and wickets, stealthily buried the body of the student after he was declared dead by doctors.

Seniors beat him in a classroom for allegedly stealing a packet of biscuit while the students were on an outing. They tortured him and then poured cold water on him. According to police, the school, in a bid to hush up the matter, had hurriedly buried the boy’s body inside the campus after doctors declared him dead.

According to police, the incident occurred when some students of Children’s Academy near Rishikesh had gone on an outing and the victim, Vasu Yadav had allegedly stolen a packet of biscuit from a shop, following which the shopkeeper reported the matter to school authorities.

This prompted the management to cancel the trip and deny the students from leaving the campus. “This infuriated the fellow students, who beat up Yadav,” Ranipokri police station in-charge PD Bhatt said.

Senior superintendent of police (SSP) Dehradun Nivedita Kukreti told TOI that there were several lapses on the school’s part.

“Not only was the boy taken very late to hospital that led to his death, the staff members also tried to hide the incident and did not report it to police. He was beaten up in phases in the afternoon, while he was taken to hospital in late evening,” the officer said.


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