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Early termination of mobile service will become cheaper in UAE

The early termination of mobile services in the UAE  will become cheaper from now. The Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) has now aanounced new rules for all UAE phone users.

The TRA on Wenesday announced that the cancellation fee for early termination of mobile phone contracts will be capped. The mobile phone users will have only to pay one month’s rental as a cancellation fee. Earlier a customer has to pay one month’s rental fee multiplied by the number of months remaining on the contract, to terminate the contract. The TRA took this decision considering the feedback from the customers.

The TRA made it clear that this change will apply to all contracts signed following the announcement, but will not be retroactively applied to contracts already signed. The TRA also revealed that it is working on implementing this ammendements to other service contracts in the coming period. So in the coming future, this will also include int the Internet and television contracts. The regulator declined to provide a time frame for these changes.


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