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Check Out the Details of the Assets of Innocent and P Rajeev

The details of the assets of Left MPs Innocent and P Rajeev have been revealed as they filed the affidavit along with election nomination.

P Rajeev who is contesting from Ernakulam Loksabha constituency has assets worth Rs 4.80 crores. He has Rs 1000 in hand as cash. Chalakkudy M.P Innocent possess assets worth Rs 4.61 crores and has Rs 10000 Rs as cash in hand. His wife has Rs 5000 in hand as liquid cash.

Rajeev doesn’t possess any building or plot in his name. He has a liability of Rs 8,14,567 and owns an Innova car worth Rs 9lakhs. He has a bank deposit of Rs 2,77,024 and shares worth Rs 750. He also has insurance of Rs 5 lakhs in his name. Rajeev’s wife and mother possess assets worth Rs 4,64,09,266. Wife has a bank investment of Rs 11.69 lakhs, insurance worth Rs 7.25 lahs and gold worth Rs 24 lakhs.

Actor-turned-politician Innocent has movable assets worth Rs 2,93,76,262 and immovable assets worth Rs 10,263,700. He has a deposit of Rs 2,30,35,331 at South Indian Bank and has 3 cars including one of Mercedez Benz and two Toyota Innovas. Benz was a second hand buy for Rs 18 lakhs in 2016. Innocent also has a deposit of Rs 19,525 in South Indian Bank and Rs 50,199 in SBI.


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