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“It was the Will of the People”, Mayawati Justifies the Installation of her Own Statues

Former UP CM and BSP supremo Mayawati has justified her move for building her own statues as she submitted in the S.C that the statues “represents the will of people” and hence, they were built.

Whether the money should have been spent on education or hospitals “is a debatable question and can’t be decided by a court,” Mayawati said in her affidavit before the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is hearing a PIL filed in 2009, which says the Mayawati government had used Rs 2,000 crore public money to build her statues and BSP’s symbols. The petitioner argued that state budgets cannot be used to the propagate agenda of any political party.

Mayawati has also said, “Statues represent the will of the people as expressed by the decision of elected representatives. Assembly legislators wanted to put up statues of Mayawati as an example of Dalit women’s struggle along with those of Kanshiram.”

“Other political parties have also erected statues of political leaders. It’s a means to show admiration and support,” argued Mayawati in the affidavit filed before the Supreme Court


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