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IIT Madras denied permission for Sunil.P.Elayodam’s speech at the campus

The IIT Madras administration has denied permission for intellectual and orator Dr.Sunil.P.Elayidam’s speech at the campus. The Malayalee fraternity in the campus’Kerala Kala Samiti’ has fixed a speech on the topic ‘Art, Culture, Politics; The possibilities of a new Kerala’ on today evening at the campus. The officials of Madras IIT clarified that the programme was not academic and the police has asked to deny permission for the programme as it may be the violation of model code of conduct. But the students and organiser refuted this as an unbelievable explanation.

An assistant professor at the Sree Sankaracharya Sanskrit University, Elayidom is a well-known intellectual, writer and orator who upheld left politics.

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