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Pentagon Supports Indian on ASAT Test, Says there is another Challenge

The head of NASA had called India’s destruction of one of its satellites a “terrible thing” that had created 400 pieces of debris and led to new dangers for astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

India had received some support from Pentagon earlier itself as they stood by its assessment that debris from Indian anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons test would eventually burn up in the atmosphere, even after NASA’s administrator warned of the danger the debris posed.

Pentagon has once again defended Indias ASAT test and said that India s concerned about the “threats” it faces in space.

“The first lesson from the Indian ASAT is just the simple question of why did they do that. And the answer should be, I think to all the committee looking at it, is that they did that because they are concerned about threats to their nation from space. And therefore, they feel they have to have a capability to defend themselves in space,” General Hyten told Senate Armed Services Committee while responding to a question from Senators on the need for India to carry out the anti-satellite missile test.


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