These price drops will make you buy one definitely

Apple iPhone XR had 59,900 Rupees when the phone launched, now there is a 17,000 price down for the same variant. The phone is available across many online platforms and even on Apple retail stores. Despite having a single camera these phone has a vivid range of picture quality.

Samsung Galaxy s9
– There is a price drop of 13,600 Rs the original price was 48,900Rs.

NOKIA 8 – NOKIA 8 is the best high-performance smartphone which the company has launched a few months ago. Top end reviews have been receiving from the customers regarding the phone. The actual primary price for NOKIA 8 was 36,999 and now there is a 17,000 Rs price for the same variant. This price drop will be the only available for one week.

Poco F1 – Poco has huge fans now though they have launched recently. The high performing mobile phones will have affordable prices always attracted buyers. The Poco F1 which had 20,999 Rs had now dropped their price to 16,999. Techies have reported that this might be the greatest chance to grab the high profile phone and asked the smartphone upgrades to buy one ASAP.

Redminote 6 Pro– Earlier Reminote 6 pro was sold out for 15,999 now the price has dropped to 11,999.


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