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SPECIAL STORY; This is the hero who drove 450 Kms within 5 hours for the sake of 15-days-old child from Mangalore


When the ambulance had started its journey to Amrita Hospital in Kochi with the 15-month-old baby from Mangalore, everyone had an eye on the magnificent one who made the ambulance run pushing the speed limits. He ran as fast as he could and reached the destinations spending five hours covering 400km which is a pure herculean task for many skilled riders.

Hassan Deli, who drove the ambulance has become the center of attraction for everyone after his risky fast rush with no rash to the Amrita Hospital in Kochi. Hassan has covered 400KMs within five hours.

When he started The KL-60 – J 7739 ambulance the only thing that went through his mind was the thought to save the baby at any cost. He swept away forward the vehicle through the busiest roads in the city. Hassan Deeli, 34, from Uduma Muthinkoth in Kasaragod district, is receiving commendation for his most fulfilling purpose.

This is not the first time Hassan has been running ambulance this much fast. In December 2017, he also transferred another patient from EJ Hospital in Mangalore to Regional Cancer Center, Thiruvananthapuram.


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