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Sabariamala is an issue in election campaign says T.P.Senkumar

Former DGP and the leader of Sabarimala Karma Samiti, T. P.SenKumar has made it clear that Sabarimala issue is a issue in the election campaign. The Sabarimala women entry and the government’s approach to the issue will be discussed in the election campaigning. The main election campiagn agenda will be th Sabarimala issue. The people of Kerala is witnessing all these. He also claimed that BJP leader K. Surendran will won from Pathanamthitta constittuency and he will gather eight lakh votes.

“Why is the government so arrogant towards a section of the people? This would be the last of appeasement politics in Kerala, he said. It is not possible to say that Sabarimala should not be discussed. It will be discussed. There is no violation in installing the hoardings of Karma Samithi, he said.


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