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T.P Senkumar Predicts the Number of Votes K Surendran Will Get in the Election

Pathanamthitta: Former DGP T.P Senkumar has predicted the number of votes NDA Candidate at Pathanamthitta-K Surendran is going to get in the upcoming Loksabha polls. He said Surendran will get a total of 8 lakh votes.

“It is impossible not to mention the issue of Sabarimala. It will be mentioned during the campaign. This election will mark the end of appeasement in Kerala politics. Why the Government is showing such arrogance to a certain section of people” said Senkumar.

He added that Sabarimala is indeed one of the most discussed topics in this election and that people are seeing it all. He also found nothing wrong in Sabarimala Karmasamithi placing flex boards.


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